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BIS MBISS CH Opus One Lady Sang the Blues

The Nation’s Number #1 Vizsla All Systems in 2003

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Vizsla: BIS MBISS CH Opus One Lady Sang the Blues
Sire: BISS CH Rivercity's Quenton Cassidy MH ROM
Dam: CH Brandenburg Concerto Opus One ROM
Owner(s): Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom
Vizsla Breeder(s): Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom & Nica Lyons & Anne Denehy
Pedigree: SN73424305


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Breeders dream and hope with every litter, and it was no different when Billie was born. Bred by classical musicians and named after Billie Holiday, she started winning Best in Matches at 4 months old. The dreams started coming true when she won her first two (of three) consecutive Specialty Five-Point Majors (Best of Winners in each), handled by her Breeder/Owner. Those dreams then turned into any owner’s nightmare - whether their precious pet is a great show dog or a family companion - Billie was bitten on her nose by a rattlesnake while hiking in Santa Fe, NM. Her life was hanging by a thread, she was in horrible agony and her head became grotesquely swollen. The vet said that there was a chance she wouldn’t make it through the night and if she made it, she would be badly disfigured. What was worse, the vet had no antidote. While we raced around town looking for a doctor that might pull strings to release medication that was meant for humans, the vet called and said she had found a pharmacist at the local hospital that was a dog lover and would sell us the antivenin. Thank goodness Billie fully recovered, going on just two months later to her third spectacular Specialty win, this time at Vizsla Nationals and topped it off with an Award of Merit from the Bred-by Exhibitor class. She ended her "warm up" year at Number Four Vizsla (to her sister Geli’s Number One), was invited to Westminster, going Best of Opposite Sex. That same year, her dam, Ch Brandenburg Concerto Opus One had six of her get become champions and was the Pedigree Award Number One Top Producing Dam in the country. "Burger" has twelve champions in all, five of them out of Cassidy.

2003 was Billie’s year! She was the Number One Vizsla in the country, all systems. Just during the calendar year of 2003, she had a Best in Show, 44 Group Placements (including 11 Group I’s), Five Best in Specialty shows, she was crowned Vizsla Club of America’s "Show Dog of the Year", won the Pedigree Award and went Best of Opposite at the VCA Nationals. On Thanksgiving Day, she was seen on NBC-TV winning the Sporting Group at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia, one of two back to back Sporting Group Wins at this prestigious circuit.

Billie will be shown sporadically until she is bred this summer. We hope to put a title or two at the end of her name as well as the one at the beginning! In the meantime, she splits her time between her homes in CT and Philadelphia and between her Vizsla family at home and her Whippet family when she is with her best buddy, her handler Phoebe Booth. She has under the cover privileges no matter where she sleeps!

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Health Checks Completed:
OFA Hips: (VZ-7663E25F-PI) Excellent

"The first calling of a Vizsla is that of a pet."

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