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Vizsla: CH Boulder Run'n Thunder SH
NAVHDA Natural Ability Test - Prize I (110 points)
Sire: CH Keystone Upwind Cullinan
Dam: CH Rivercity's Boulder M Kiptanui ROM
Owner(s): Judy & Edj Hetkowski
Vizsla Breeder(s): Judy & Edj Hetkowski
Handler(s): Judy Hetkowski (conformation, JH), Lin Kozlowski & Aaron Davis (SH)
Trainer(s): Lin Kozlowski, Aaron Davis and Mel Reveles (SH)
Pedigree: SN73239401
Vizsla Stud DogAvailable for Stud

Boulder, Colorado

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Thunder with fellow Boulder Vizslas Family, cousin Harvey & Fusion Vizslas
Field of Vizslas!
(Thunder with fellow Boulder Vizslas Family, cousin Harvey & Fusion Vizslas enjoying a day out.)
A Vizsla family outing at the Boulder Reservoir!
Thunder with fellow Boulder Vizslas'
Vizsla family and Fusion Vizslas'!
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Health Checks Completed:
(VZ-7846G31M-PI) OFA Hips - G
(VZ-TH233/86M-PI) Thyroid - Normal
DNA# V499602

"The first calling of a Vizsla is that of a pet."

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